Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation

By Stephen Walker

Mediation Advocacy: Representing Clients in Mediation reveals how to get the best out of mediation. It is a practical, how to guide aimed at those who attend mediations as representatives, clients, experts, or mediators. Things the reader will learn include: what actually happens in mediations * the essential skills for all representatives * the tricks that mediators play * the things one must/must not do as an advocate * how to prepare effectively for a mediation * the best ways to negotiate at mediation. The core of the book is civil and commercial mediation, but it also considers family, workplace, and community, highlighting the ways in which the processes differ. It contains checklists, flow charts, bullet point summaries, precedents, and FAQs. [Subject: Mediation]

Publication Date: 2/25/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780437927