Capital Tax Acts 2015

A Guide to the Law in Ireland

Edited by: Michael Buckley

This is the 23rd edition of Capital Tax Acts, which has long been established as Ireland's definitive reference book on the legislation relating to stamp duties, CAT, and Residential Property Tax. Presented in a clear, easy-to-read style, each section is annotated and cross referenced to Irish statutory instruments, statements of practice, and case law. The book's comprehensive and user-friendly index makes this an indispensable tax annual, which is fully updated to Ireland's latest Finance Act. Capital Tax Acts 2015 is developed for tax practitioners, accountants, solicitors, barristers, business people, financial institutions, students of law and tax, and any person who deals with tax law on a regular basis. Contents include: (I) Stamp Duties [Legislation * Regulations and Orders * European Legislation * Stamp Duty Exemptions (Miscellaneous Acts) * Table of Cases (Stamp Duties) * Table of Statutory References (Stamp Duties) * Destination Table * Index (Stamp Duties)] *** (II) Capital Acquisitions Tax [Legislation * Regulations and Orders * Table of Cases (Capital Acquisitions Tax) * Table of Statutory References (Capital Acquisitions Tax) * Destination Table * Index (Capital Acquisitions Tax)] *** (III) Local Property Tax [Legislation * Regulations and Orders * Table of Statutory References (Local Property Tax) * Index (Local Property Tax)].

Publication Date: 3/26/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780436982