How to Master Commercial Mediation

By David Richbell

This handbook is for commercial mediators, whether they are just starting out or are fully trained. The book is split into three distinct parts, examining: (I) all the general background, essential skills, and processes of effective commercial mediation; (II) the basic skills and techniques at a deeper level, along with an introduction of more sophisticated levels that can only be considered once the foundations are established; and (III) the aspirational standards of the master mediator (What is it that makes a good mediator the best? How can they stay there?). Written by an experienced commercial mediator, the book is filled with expert advice and practical tips. The book also includes bullet point summaries, checklists, scripts of actual commercial mediations, together with questions and answers. [Subject: Commercial Law, Mediation]

Publication Date: 1/1/2015
Format: Paper & DVD
ISBN: 9781780436821