The Drug Offences Handbook

By Tim Moloney, Steven Bird, David Rhodes, Benjamin Newton, Tom Stevens

The Drug Offences Handbook is a detailed and practical exposition of the UK's law relating to drugs offences, together with a focused and concise analysis of evidential and litigation issues that relate to UK drugs cases. The book is comprehensive in its approach, with detailed coverage of statutes and authorities that practitioners would expect from a specialist work, but presented in an accessible and practical manner. The book covers three main areas: (I) Offences [detailed coverage and commentary of all relevant authorities and statutory provisions]; (II) Evidence [coherent and succinct coverage of expansive areas of law, providing the reader with sufficient detail in the vast majority of cases, and in any commonplace exploration of the law relating to illegal drugs]; (III) Post-Conviction [comprehensive coverage of case law surrounding the UK's Sentencing Council guidelines, with chapters on confiscation and forfeiture]. [Subject: Criminal Law, Drug Law]

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780436630