Commercial Contracts

A Practical Guide to Standard Terms (Fourth Edition)

By Richard Lawson, Susan Singleton

This book is an invaluable guide to the practical aspects of drafting and interpreting commercial contracts in the UK. It provides useful background and detailed advice on the UK law surrounding a wide range of commercial agreements, including: key common clauses * when to use standard terms * procedures and good practice * termination of contracts * remedies for breach * specific issues relating to export, contracts, software contracts, and consumer contracts. This fourth edition also contains valuable UK precedents, including expert guidance on business-to-business and business-to-consumer agreements, providing users with an excellent tool for drafting commercial contracts. It is an essential resource for commercial contract drafters, helping them to prepare water tight legal agreements and ensure that they are completely clear on what a business must do to stay on the right side of the law. [Subject: Business Law, Commercial Law, Contract Law]

Publication Date: 10/31/2014
Format: Paper & CD-ROM
ISBN: 9781780436616