Acquisition Finance

Second Edition

By Tom Speechley

One of the main issues for a buyer making an acquisition is how to finance it. This second edition of Acquisition Finance considers the commercial factors that influence the choice of finance in the UK, and it analyzes the most common forms of UK debt and equity finance. Offering in-depth expert advice, the book provides a full picture for each scenario of the transaction structure and process, from the initial commercial stages, to the structuring aspects, due diligence process, the legal documentation process (including a detailed look at the various legal documents required), to funding and completion. The book includes coverage of the following changes in the UK's financial market: impact of the credit crunch on the acquisition finance market and the terms currently available to borrowers (pricing, level of restriction, the balance of negotiating power between lenders and borrowers) * types of acquisition finance currently available (less mezzanine finance, less second lien debt, but high yield debt market strengthening) * typical funding structures in the post-credit crunch market * how the financial assistance rules apply to buyouts since October 1, 2009 * changes to the players in the acquisition finance market, including the increasing involvement of non-bank lenders * continued evolution of the private equity market * current state of the public-to-private market and its regulation reflecting changes to the Takeover Code since 2008. [Subject: Finance Law, Banking Law]

Publication Date: 1/31/2015
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780436593