Intellectual Property Law in Ireland

Fourth Edition

By Shane Smyth, Robert Clark, Niamh Hall

This edition of Intellectual Property Law in Ireland is a detailed guide to patents, copyright, and trademark law. It covers all relevant European legislation and traces its weaving into Irish law. It details European case law together with relevant case law from commonwealth countries, as well as detailing Irish cases on the three areas. It also covers design law and outlines the workings of the patents, copyright and trademark offices in Ireland. This book is laid out in a practical and user-friendly way, with each section separate but cross-referenced where necessary. Contents Include:?Patents: A Brief History and Introduction; The Irish Patent System and International Conventions; The Patents Act 1992 - Patentability; Patents Act 1992 - Acquisition of Patent Rights; Patents Act 1992 - Maintenance and Dealings in Patents; Patents Act 1992 - Infringements and Remedies; Patents Act 1992 - Revocation and Proceedings before the Controller and Courts; Patents Act 1992: Voluntary and Compulsory Licences; Introduction to Copyright; The Copyright Term; Protected Works - Literary and Artistic Works; Protected Works - Neighbouring Rights, State Copyright, Performers' Rights; The Protection of Computer Programs as Copyright Works; Databases; Ownership and Dealings in Copyright Works; Infringement of Copyright; Defences to Copyright Infringement; and more. [Subject: Property Law, Irish Law]

Publication Date: 11/25/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780435411