Criminal Legislation in Ireland

Second Edition

By Lynn O'Sullivan

This second edition consolidates the most important and frequently utilized pieces of criminal legislation in Ireland. For practitioners and students alike, the book allows easy access and reference to recent pieces of Irish legislation, and it incorporates amendments to older Acts. The book also includes older legislation which is not easily accessible on the internet. The book is updated to the following Irish legislation: Criminal Justice (Public Order) Act 2011 * Criminal Justice Act 2011 * Criminals Justice (Community Service) Amendment Act 2011 * Criminal Law (Defense and the Dwelling) Act 2011 * Criminal Justice (Search Warrants) Act 2012 * Criminal Justice Act 2013 * Criminal Law (Human Trafficking) (Amendment) Act 2013.

1600 pages

Publication Date: 3/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780435398