Money Laundering Compliance

Third Edition

By Tim Bennett

Money laundering has continued to grow over recent years, approaching 80 billion pounds in the UK alone, and 3 trillion US dollars per year globally. This book provides a technical and practical overview of both the UK and the international provisions designed to prevent the laundering of the proceeds of serious crime, as well as the financing of terrorism. Restructured and completely revised, in line with UK legislation and case law, the third edition includes coverage of: the issue of beneficial ownership * the Counter Terrorism Act 2008 * the Crime and Courts Act 2013 * the UK Financial Services Act 2012 * the HMRC AML Factsheets * the revised International Standards on AML, CFT, and Proliferation * the EU Fourth Money Laundering Directive * the evolution of suspicion and the requisite standard of proof * the ever increasing complexities of money transfers. [Subject: Finance Law, Money Laundering Law, Criminal Law]

600 pages

Publication Date: 12/31/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780434964