Button on Taxis: Licensing Law and Practice

By James T H Button

This fourth edition of Button on Taxis: Licensing Law and Practice covers the UK's proposed new Taxi Licensing Act 2015, as well as significant UK case law since the last edition in 2009. In the UK, taxi licensing is a key area of local authority licensing. It is a complex area with archaic legislation, a high volume of case law, DFT guidance, and local policies, all of which practitioners and local authorities need assistance on navigating. This book clearly explains the law and procedure relating to the licensing of hackney carriages and private hire vehicles both inside and outside London. It includes coverage of important areas, such as how to appeal against decisions, fees, and the impact of criminal convictions, as well as procedural flowcharts and exhaustive coverage of case law by means of summaries and discussion.

975 pages

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780434933