The Employment Practitioner's Guide to Taxation

Third Edition

By Jonathan Peacock QC, Jolyon Maugham, Ryan Hawthorne

The Employment Practitioner's Guide to Taxation (previous edition titled: Taxation for Employment Specialists) is aimed specifically at the employment practitioner in the UK, answering key everyday issues that arise in the context of UK employment law. This third edition deals with the complex field of tax on employment earnings, addressing the many tax issues that face the employment practitioner in areas such as: unfair and wrongful dismissal, redundancy, sex discrimination, damages awards, termination, and various payments. The book will assist UK employment law barristers and solicitors by setting out the relevant legal principles followed by concise summaries, providing tips and traps for the reader to have in mind, and by including worked examples and precedents. It sets out the legal principles clearly and logically with numbered paragraphs, followed by either a summary of the key principles or an at-a-glance table.

350 pages

Publication Date: 2/28/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780434544