Arbitration Law and Procedure in Ireland

By Gillian Cahill

Arbitration Law and Procedure in Ireland offers a comprehensive guide to the area or arbitration following the Arbitration Act 2010. Includes the following: An explanation of the law, clearly setting out the principles that apply to arbitrations so readers fully understand the differences between the law and the litigation process; A thorough examination of relevant case law; A knowledge of international arbitration law as expressed in the UNCITRAL model. Contents: Chapter 1 Introduction to Arbitration: Arbitration defined; Brief note on the history of arbitration; Distinction between national and international arbitration; Elements of an arbitration; Advantages of arbitration; Disadvantages of arbitration; Arbitration distinguished from other forms of dispute resolution; The Role of the National Court; Chapter 2 Fundamental Principles of Arbitration: Arbitrability; Separability of the Arbitration Agreement; Competence-Competence; Chapter 3 The Arbitration Agreement: Introduction; Form of an Arbitration Agreement; Content of an Arbitration Agreement; Parties to an Arbitration Agreement; Laws applicable to an Arbitration Agreement; Validity of the Arbitration Agreement; Confidentiality; Defective Arbitration Clauses; Chapter 4 The Arbitral Process: Commencement of the reference; Staying Court Proceedings in favour of Arbitration; Selection, appointment of the Arbitrator/Tribunal; Conduct of the reference; Costs; Chapter 5 The Role of National Courts in the Arbitral Proceedings: Introduction; At the Beginning of the Arbitration; During the Arbitral Proceedings; At the end of the Arbitration; Chapter 6 The Arbitration Award: Types of Awards; Form and contents of Award; Effect of Awards ??" Res Judicata; Challenges to the Award; Recognition and Enforcement of Arbitral Awards; Enforcement under the New York Convention; Enforceability of the Award.

500 pages

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781780434452