Directors' Remuneration Handbook

Second Edition

By Cliff Weight

Directors' remuneration lies at the heart of the debate on effective corporate governance. This is the issue, above all others, in which directors face a conflict of interest. While UK companies are considered to have very high standards of corporate governance and reporting, the economic crisis forced UK companies to consider where things had gone wrong and why. While there has not been a raft of regulation following the economic crisis, there have been significant consultations on the importance of companies to focus on the issues that matter to their long term success and to their shareholders. Disclosing clear and relevant information on these issues in company reporting is necessary if shareholders are to make well informed decisions in their role as company owners and to establish a clear link between a company's strategic objectives and the criteria for payments to directors. This second edition explains the complexities of UK directors' remuneration in simple terms, providing examples of best practice. It is also a reference source of key legislation and case law, including: The new Directors Remuneration Report Regulations (DRRR) * new law on votes on remuneration policy and implementation * new EU rules on banks remuneration * ABI and NAPF best practice guidance.

750 pages

Publication Date: 6/30/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780433318