A Compliance Handbook

By Raj Chada, Christopher Sallon, Sam Tate

Bribery: A Compliance Handbook is a practical guide to regulation in relation to corrupt practices in the UK. The book considers the safeguards and practical measures that organizations, company directors, and compliance officers should put in place to prevent prosecution or regulatory action. The book is a reference point for those concerned with regulation of potentially corrupt activities. It covers the current bribery legislation in the UK, as well as the domestic and international context within which it was enacted. It reviews each of the principle offenses and considers some case studies and issues that affect particular sectors. The emphasis of the book is on preventative matters rather than defending subsequent prosecutions and will appeal not just to lawyers, but to compliance officers, non-executive directors, and others who are required to be aware of the provisions. Contents include: the global legal context * the background to British bribery legislation * the UK Bribery Act * active bribery * receipt of bribes * bribery of corrupt foreign public officials * the corporate offense of failing to prevent bribes * an overview of 'adequate procedures' in practice * a case study: Lord Goldsmith on significance of the UK Bribery Act and guidance for company managers * a case study: corporate hospitality, the civil law of bribery, address commissions, and facilitation payments * practical measures for corporate compliance * the geographical factor and weak governance zones * the sectoral factor * third party risk and corporate exposure * settlements and monitors.

Publication Date: 6/30/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780433288