The Law of Banking in Scotland

By Lorne Crerar

The Law of Banking in Scotland is a comprehensive guide providing an in-depth analysis of all matters relevant to bankers in both domestic and commercial banking operating in Scotland. Over recent years, there has been an ever-increased amount of litigation relating to banking matters. This third edition is fully updated throughout and analyzes key matters affecting Scotland's modern banking law, including regulatory matters. Contents include: historical development of banking in Scotland * regulation * legal framework of banking * customers of a bank * the banker - customer relationship * types of account * negotiable instruments and other orders for payment * the collecting banker and paying banker * corporate finance * modern methods of money transfer * security for advances made by bankers * security over land, buildings, and attachments to land: heritable securities * Appendix I: the banking code * Appendix II: the business banking code

832 pages

Not Yet Published
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780432243