The Law Relating to International Banking

Second Edition

By Andrew Haynes

The Law Relating to International Banking focuses on the legal issues relating to the commercial activities of the international banking sector. Adopting an approach that combines the practical and analytical, Andrew Haynes provides an analysis of how to determine the forum and jurisdiction that apply to a transaction. Comprehensive in its coverage, the book provides detailed commentary on: sovereign risk, term loans, securities and guarantees, primary syndication, secondary syndication, debt transfer, primary, secondary and tertiary securitisation (bond issues and structured lending and the bond markets), derivatives, standby letters of credit and demand guarantees, contractual remedies, exchange controls, and legal opinions. Topics covered include: Capital Markets Instruments and Processes; Term Loans, Security and Guarantees; Primary Syndication; Secondary Syndication, Debt Transfer; Primary Securitisation-Bond Issues; Secondary and Tertiary Securitisation-Structured Lending and Bond Markets; Derivatives; Standby Letters of Credit and Demand Guarantees; Legal Issues Arising; Contractual Remedies and Issues Arising; Governing Law; Jurisdiction; Sovereign Risk; Exchange Controls; Legal Opinions; Appendix 1: Loan Markets Agreement; Appendix 2: ISDA Master Agreement and Credit Support Annex [Subject: Banking & Finance Law]

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Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780432199