Tax Planning 2013/14

By Mark McLaughlin

Tax Planning 2013/14 covers the many situations and tax planning opportunities that practitioners encounter everyday when dealing with their clients' tax affairs in the UK. Written by some of the UK's leading tax specialists and experienced authors, the book clearly and concisely explains key tax planning ideas and concepts and is fully updated to the UK's latest Finance Act. Tax Planning 2013/14 contains easily implementable technical suggestions and advice. It outlines the planning opportunities and potential pitfalls concerning specific transactions and circumstances, and it demonstrates how to successfully organize and structure the finances of individuals, trusts, and unincorporated businesses and companies. Practical and user-friendly, it contains worked examples throughout, and the short paragraphs and bullet-point style will help in locating the necessary information quickly and efficiently.

1008 pages

Publication Date: 11/30/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781780431642