Energising Teaching

The Power of Your Unique Pedagogical Gift

By Frank Crowther, Ken Boyne

Contributions by: Andy Hargreaves

As a prospective, beginning or established teacher, you have a unique blend of skills, passions, personality traits and pedagogical styles that informs your approach to the profession. But the job is not an easy one. How can you utilise your strengths so that you don't burn out? Career energy, direction and longevity begins with identifying the kind of teacher you would like to be, so you can like what you do and like how you do it. Through case studies, personal stories, exercises and strategies, Energising Teaching gives you the tools you need to inform your personal reason for teaching, your preferred teaching style and your love of the craft, and to direct your unique gift towards effective, transformative teaching. Based on the successful IDEAS project created by acclaimed educator, author and presenter, Frank Crowther, Energising Teaching will show you how to undertake self-reflection and critique-individually, across your school or in your cohort-in order to build on your existing expertise and renew your drive for the job, resulting in better outcomes for your students, your school and yourself. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to make a difference in education. [Subject: Education]

Publication Date: 12/29/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742864136