Wise Heads, Wise Hearts

Conversations with Asia-Pacific school leaders

By Pam Ryan

In Wise Heads, Wise Hearts, educator Pam Ryan explores a variety of conceptual leadership styles through a range of school and organisational case studies. Taking a personal approach to the business of school leadership, she presents a variety of models and goals for all educators who wish to lead their schools with a wise head and a wise heart into a new future. In multiple conversations with school leaders throughout Australia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand, Pam looks at their beliefs and values as 'wise heads', and the ways in which their thoughts and actions impact on the 'hearts' of their school: their students, colleagues and communities. Through careful examination of the common threads and elements, Wise Heads, Wise Hearts conceptualises models of best practice approaches to school leadership. Through a three-stage analytical framework, the book outlines the key priorities, attitudes and skills for current and future leaders, drawing from the lived experience and professional accomplishments of her interview subjects. [Subject: Education]

Publication Date: 8/1/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742863733