Families Coping

Effective strategies for you and your child

By Erica Frydenberg

Happy families are the ones where parents can recognize both their own and their children's needs, and where the children are resilient and are able to negotiate relationships with those around them. This book builds upon these skills by bringing together two frameworks - positive parenting skills and the transactional model of stress and coping - to create a program of positive psychology aimed at parents, children, and counseling professionals. It provides a toolkit for parents that can be used in a self-help mode or as an instructor-led program. The book brings together tried and true principles of good parent-child relationships, which will benefit the family through childhood years and beyond. Families Coping includes exercises for both parents and children, tools and techniques for building resilience, information on additional coping services, resources, and more. [Subject: Family Studies, Parenting, Children's Studies, Psychology]

Publication Date: 5/8/2015
Format: Spiral/Wiro/Comb
ISBN: 9781742862538