Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School

By Janet L. Currie

Contributions by: Hon. Tony Abbott, MP

As part of the educational curriculum in Australia, a new, nationally consistent approach has been developed in teaching Health and Physical Education (HPE) in secondary schools. This approach focuses on developing the capacities and skills of students in health and movement. With a foreword by the Honorable Tony Abbott MP, Prime Minister of Australia, Teaching Health and Physical Education in Secondary School is designed to assist pre-service and practicing teachers in understanding HPE. The topics addressed include: the key learning ideas of HPE * understanding the important links between physical activity, health, and wellbeing * the development of health literacy and the benefit of healthy active lifestyles * developing students' competence, confidence, and motivation * current health issues in the context of HPE. This strengths-based approach to the curriculum shifts the focus from the 'medical' model of health to a health-promoting view of wellbeing. Combined with its companion resource, Teaching Physical Education in Primary School [ISBN 978 1 74286 092 3], this thorough guide supports secondary teachers in delivering HPE to meet a diverse range of students' needs.

Publication Date: 7/1/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742861708