So you want to be a vet?

A guide for current and prospective students in Australia and New Zealand

By Eric Allan

Contributions by: Ben Gardiner

This book is an essential guide for current and prospective students of veterinary science in Australia and New Zealand. Replete with vital information regarding entry requirements, attributes, the selection process, and a general introduction to course content, this comprehensive resource also provides an overview of each of the eight universities that offer veterinary science in both countries. Personal insights from recent graduates add immeasurably to the discussion of student life and what to expect in a future career. Topics of particular interest include maintaining a healthy work/life balance, financing the cost of study, coping with stress, workloads, time management, and extramural requirements. In addition, So You Want To Be a Vet? addresses career options and employment prospects, alternatives to veterinary science, anticipated remuneration levels, and challenges for the future. Taking a pragmatic and realistic view of what a career in veterinary science entails, author Eric Allan cautions that it's not just about working with animals. Being a vet is often an arduous and demanding profession, not as financially rewarding as some might expect, and requires a strong work ethic. For those who are truly committed, however, it is arguably among the most personally fulfilling vocations. So You Want To Be a Vet? will help students make the right choices.

120 pages

Publication Date: 8/6/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742861524