Powerful Practices for Reading Improvement

By Kathryn Glasswell, Willemina Mostert, Lindsey Judd, Lesley Mayn

Powerful Practices for Reading Comprehension shares and unpacks a wealth of tools for innovative classroom reading instruction, building teacher knowledge, and enhancing the functioning of a school's professional learning community. These Powerful Practices were developed and used by researchers working to change the profile of reading achievement within schools. They are flexible, research-based instructional strategies that are easy to implement when working with classes, groups or individual students. With content for teachers, coaches and school leaders, and with resources for students, teachers and professional learning facilitators, Powerful Practices for Reading Comprehension provides everything an educator needs for designing and implementing programs for improving reading comprehension outcomes. Powerful Practices for Reading Comprehension also provides access to a range of teacher- and student-friendly digital resources, including printable worksheets, student tasks, templates, worked examples and assessment rubrics. [Subject: Education, Reading]

Publication Date: 4/29/2016
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742861463