Teaching Physical Education in Primary School

An Integrated Health Perspective

By Janet L. Currie

In primary schools, it is expected that all children will participate in regular, safe, fun, and engaging movement/physical activity. It goes without saying that primary school teachers are ideally placed to provide these learning experiences. However, many teachers have had limited training in the area of physical education and therefore may lack both confidence and specific expertise. In a highly practical and accessible manner, this book delivers the essential information for both pre-service and practicing teachers. The book breaks down scientific human movement principles and sports science information into easily understandable concepts applied to the teaching of physical education in the primary school. Replete with over 30 illustrations, it provides key pedagogical principles and fundamental knowledge required for effective physical education by addressing: the child's needs and readiness for physical activity * skill development and acquisition principles * safety and legal considerations for children's participation * planning, designing, and implementing effective practice sessions * improving instruction, feedback, and communication * management and discipline skills * child nutrition information. Focusing on each student's strengths and taking a holistic approach to overall fitness and health, the book reflects current knowledge that a physically active child is also likely to be a more engaged learner. Teaching Physical Education in Primary School is therefore an essential resource for all teachers, whatever their level of experience, who are concerned with the active engagement of primary school students in physical education.

176 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860923