Coaching Children

Sports Science Essentials

By Kelly Sumich

This book will help community coaches and fitness professionals develop safe and effective training programs for children. As obesity rates soar and levels of physical activity decline, Coaching Children: Sports Science Essentials is a timely resource that provides guidance for enhancing children's engagement in sport, developing their motor skills, and managing performance anxiety. The book applies sports science concepts to all sports in which children actively participate. It provides straightforward research-based advice on nutrition, and it explains, in clear terms, how to tailor exercise to address children's social, physical, and psychological needs. With applications to individual and team activities, the book presents technical information in a highly practical and reader-friendly manner. Everyday questions and answers include: At what age should children specialize in a particular sport? Do sports drinks enhance children's performance? Should children do weight training? How often should children train? Focusing on effective communication strategies with children and their parents as well, each chapter includes a list of insightful reflection questions. Coaches are encouraged to consider their technique, style, and approach, applying scientific knowledge to motivate children in all aspects of training and competing in sport.

136 pages

Publication Date: 5/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860626