Teaching International Students in Vocational Education

New pedagogical approaches

By Ly Thi Tran

Contributions by: Gavin Moodie

This is a unique resource designed to support vocational education teachers in addressing the distinctive learning characteristics of international students, while also preparing domestic students for global skills mobility in the 'Asian Century.' Based upon empirical data collected through observation and interviews with teachers and program managers in diverse settings, the book expounds on several evidence-based, highly effective, pedagogical approaches, including: competency-based training * the intercultural approach * an English language and vocational learning integration approach * the perspective transformation approach * the value-added approach * the 'Ubuntu' approach * work-based learning * flexible and divergent pedagogy. Well grounded in theories about teaching and learning in vocational and international education, many of these approaches focus on developing the learner's ability to consider the broader issues in an intercultural context, to capitalize on prior experience, and to adapt vocational skills to workplace settings in different nations. The underpinning theory is brought to life with real-world examples, 'Implications for Practice' boxes, insights from teachers, as well as reflective questions throughout the book. Ultimately, the book offers practical approaches to teaching and learning that will benefit not only international students, but also domestic students who gain from the enriched learning environment in which diverse cultural knowledge, skills, and attributes are shared. It provides a good balance of practice examples and conceptual knowledge underpinning effective pedagogical approaches, relevant to readers at both a practical and scholarly level.

184 pages

Publication Date: 10/4/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860428