Literacy in 3D

An integrated perspective in theory and practice

Edited by: Catherine Beavis, Bill Green

Literacy in 3D brings together an authoritative collection of essays, each drawing on Bill Green's influential '3D' model of the cultural, critical, and operational dimensions involved in literacy, pedagogy, and practice. The book is divided into three sections, which cover the model in theory, the model in practice, and extending the model. Literacy in 3D presents a core framework for curriculum and pedagogy design within the New Literacy Studies tradition. As an up-to-date account of a long-established, overtly dynamic model, this important book explores and engages with its integrated perspectives to emphasize contemporary literacy dimensions and their interplay. It contains practical examples of application, as well as challenges and outcomes, in using the 3D model across a range of contexts and subject areas. The book is a timely and richly informed resource for all literacy educators, researchers, practitioners, and policy makers at various levels. *** "This review cannot do justice to the richness and complexity of the studies and insights offered for researchers and educators. The book offers explanations of the inception and development of the 3D model that will be of interest to literacy theorists and students....Through this book the editors and their authors convincingly provide evidence of the functionality of the 3D model as a flexible, dynamic framework for literacy research and education in the 21st century." - Australian Journal of Language and Literacy, Vol. 36, No. 3, 2013

248 pages

Publication Date: 12/3/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860381