Young People

Cross-cultural views and futures

Edited by: Margaret Robertson, Sirpa Tani

Today, young people live their lives with personal connectivity. Their mobile digital devices provide a steady stream of information, anytime and anyplace. The result is that young people offer a unique perspective on global issues due to the commodification of knowledge and personal mobility facilitated through social media. Designed to highlight student voices from multiple perspectives and diverse socio-cultural contexts, this book brings together case studies from researchers, teachers, and students on every continent. Students in the US, Australia, the UK, the Netherlands, Finland, Singapore, Taiwan, Chile, Colombia, and Kenya reveal overlapping interests related to the future of our planet, including the environment, health and wellbeing, their families, education, and jobs. The concept of global citizenship is explored, looking beyond the local to embrace an interconnected world. The final chapter reflects on these findings and explores how the behaviors, essential values, and beliefs of young people are being modified. The book concludes with suggestions related to how students' voices can add to the quality of educational decision-making for the future.

230 pages

Publication Date: 4/1/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860305