So you want to be a doctor?

A guide for prospective medical students in Australia

By Kerry J. Breen

This book is designed for young people who are thinking about applying to study medicine in Australia. These students need to be fully informed as to what is required to be successful in their application and, more importantly, what is really involved in a medical career in Australia. The book describes the attributes that the Australian community desires in its doctors, the prerequisites for entry into medical school, the nature of various educational programs offered by Australia's 18 medical schools, and the expectations placed upon medical students. It includes advice about study methods, financial support, and balancing studies with part-time work and a social life. Worldwide studies indicate that up to one fifth of medical graduates are unhappy with their career choice or experience serious unwanted distress and ill-health related to their studies and their work. The book also focuses on preventing or managing stress and distress in medical students and young doctors, and on guiding possibly unsuited applicants to other career choices. As most medical students also seek information and advice about specific careers in medicine, the final section of the book covers this aspect. The book will be essential reading for all prospective medical students and will be a valuable resource for careers advisors.

168 pages

Publication Date: 1/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860275