Doctorates Downunder

Keys to Successful Doctoral Study in Australian and Aotearoa New Zealand (Second Edition)

Edited by: Terry Evans, Carey Denholm

Undertaking a doctorate is a unique experience. It is creative, challenging, emotionally and intellectually demanding, and should be immensely rewarding. With 30 chapters written by experienced academics, recent graduates, and current candidates from across Australia and New Zealand, this second edition of Doctorates Downunder is designed to prepare research candidates for the journey ahead, and guide them throughout their doctoral program. Updating and expanding on the first edition, while maintaining key features and benefits, Doctorates Downunder focuses on integral aspects of doctoral study in Australia and New Zealand, providing theoretically sound frameworks for research, and highly practical ideas and advice. The proliferation of university-based formal training courses for doctoral candidates further underpins the importance of this resource, which includes new chapters on: planning and monitoring doctoral work, becoming an effective member of a university department, and communicating your doctoral research in the mass media. The new edition is comprehensive in coverage and provides Aboriginal, Maori, and international candidate perspectives, reflecting a diversity of voice and experience. It is accompanied by other titles in this breakthrough series, including Supervising Doctorates Downunder and Beyond Doctorates Downunder.

272 pages

Publication Date: 3/1/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860244