Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood

A social justice approach

Edited by: Bronwyn Beecher, Jean Ashton, Leonie Arthur

Recent Australian teaching research has highlighted the significant role that educators play in children's literacy learning. Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood provides the blueprint for early childhood educators and pre-service tertiary students to understand, assess, and explore the vast range of literacy-rich experiences to which young children might be exposed. The contributors to this important volume discuss the range of circumstances that impact a child's literacy learning. With a focus on the first five years, chapters address issues of equity - from bilingualism and cultural background to disability, socioeconomic disadvantage, and family and community support. Each chapter also includes direct links to Australia's Early Years Learning Framework, the Australian Curriculum, the National Goals for Schooling, and the National Quality Standard. The book closely examines the ways that educators plan for and scaffold children's literacies from birth, and it advocates for continuity of learning from homes to early childhood settings and into school. It illustrates the complexity of literacy learning with findings from current research and examines how these principles are being implemented in a range of early childhood settings. Diverse Literacies in Early Childhood outlines the importance of popular culture and digital media in the lives of young children and families. It includes case studies, sample documentation, and an 'implications for educators' section in every chapter. The book explores the partnerships that extend all children's literacy participation across homes, early childhood settings, and schools. With a focus on diverse socio-cultural contexts, it investigates ways of documenting and assessing children's literacy interests and pedagogies for extending literacy learning. [Subject: Early Childhood Education, Literacy, Sociology, Social Welfare]

272 pages

Publication Date: 2/2/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860220