In Their Own Hands

Can Young People Change Australia?

By Rosalyn Black, Lucas Walsh

This book documents and celebrates young people's active participation in social, political, and civic life in Australia. It describes the many ways in which they are leading needed social change. At the same time, it critically examines the barriers to this participation and questions the degree to which the voices of Australia's young people are genuinely valued. Young people are often characterized as disengaged and apathetic, however this book challenges that view. It provides a set of needed signposts for change at the level of core social institutions and processes. The book draws on the work of The Foundation for Young Australians and its legacy of significant research into the education, well-being, and participation of young Australians. It also draws on the expertise of renowned commentators in youth research, policy, and practice. The book addresses the following key questions: Are the voices of young people valued in Australia? * What are the emerging trends in efforts to improve the well-being of young people in Australia? * What is the current and potential role of young people in improving their own well-being through social and political participation? * How does Australian schooling currently support young people's social participation? * How do new media and other vehicles for social participation engage and impact young people and the wider community?

160 pages

Publication Date: 7/1/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742860114