Miriam Stannage

Time Framed

Edited by: Lee Kinsella

Contributions by: Helen Ennis, Patrick Hutchings, Ted Snell

Miriam Stannage (b. 1939) is a relentless innovator. Her practice is founded upon a deep intellectual engagement with, and curiosity about, the challenges and nature of contemporary life. For the last fifty years, she has produced a dazzling range of works that resist easy categorization. Stannage has developed an aesthetic that celebrates the strange and beautiful that can be found in the everyday: from industrial building sites to suburban street verges laden with abandoned goods, and crumbling ghost towns as they disappear into the soil of the vast Australian continent. Miriam Stannage: Time Framed provides an analysis on this important contemporary artist's work, exploring her use of words and symbols, and the concept of vision in all of its senses. This survey presents Stannage's works, many of which have not been seen publicly, and documents the media she has worked in, specifically installation, photography, painting, video, prints and drawings, and artist's books. (Book accompanies exhibition of Stannage's work at the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, U. of Western Australia 7/30/16-9/24/16.) [Subject: Art, Biography]~

Publication Date: 9/11/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781742588223