Unexpected Clearing

Poems by Rose Lucas

By Rose Lucas

'Rhythm and pattern follow with precision the rich tonality of Lucas's visual and aural perceptions, delivered with just enough tension to allow a line to run free or a word to drop and hang alone where it dances, or stops.' --Amanda Joy, author of Cordite 'Lucas's collection shines with a clear intelligence and keen observation of the everyday, landscape, place, art, love and grief. The poems, evocative and moving, also sit so lightly on the page.' --Lucy Dougan, Philip Mead and Marcella Polain, Mary Gilmore Award Judges 2014 'Lucas's poems are composed of vivid bursts of colour.' --Cassandra Atherton, author of Exhumed Rose Lucas won the 2014 Mary Gilmore Award for Poetry (awarded by the Association for the Study of Australian Literature) for her previous collection, Even in the Dark (2013). [Subject: Poetry]

Publication Date: 12/31/2015
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742588056