The Twelfth Raven

A Memoir of Stroke, Love and Recovery

By Doris Brett

When Doris Brett's fit and healthy 59-year-old husband Martin had a stroke, they were unexpectedly thrown into a journey of discovery. What began as a minor stroke turned into a golf-ball sized blood clot on his brain, followed by a life-threatening heart condition. Later, Doris learned that she carried the potentially deadly BRCA1 genetic mutation. Due largely to Doris' research into brain plasticity and the neurotherapy techniques she implemented, Martin's recovery was exceptional and he has now returned to all of his pre-stroke activities. The Twelfth Raven is a literary journey through a series of crises and is an inspirational story of recovery after stroke. Doris Brett's brave and unflinching memoir offers hope to the hundreds of thousands of people affected by stroke through the active intervention Doris conducted and the excellent results that were achieved. *** Praise for Doris Brett's previous memoir, Eating the Underworld: "Extraordinary...Its bravery, irony, humour and intelligence - everything shines through the transparent prose...a remarkable literary voice, or melding of three voices - the autobiographical, the poetic, and the allegorical." -- Dr. Oliver Sacks

Publication Date: 3/11/2014
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742585635

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