Mining My Own Business

By Xavier Toby

''Why not do a comedy show about something funny? You should do a show about this. The mine,''said Dale. "That'd be way funnier than politics and that other s_ _t you bang on about." --- "You should do a show about us," said Donk, the safety guy. "I'd laugh at that." *** Xavier Toby is an Australian writer and comedian. He has written for newspapers, magazines, and websites, including The Guardian, The Punch, and Huffington Post. He has performed comedy at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the Hong Kong Comedy Festival, the Melbourne Comedy Festival, and he regularly sells out at the Australian fringe festivals. After his 2012 European tour, Xavier Toby returned home to Australia with a massive credit card debt, so he got a job on a fly-in fly-out (FIFO) mining site to pay off his debt. Some of his fellow FIFO blokes at the mining site - Damo, Pando, Jonno, Robbo, Donk, Jokka, and Dale - are also there to earn a crust, attending endless safety briefings, sharing anecdotes, and 'missing the missus' out there in the middle of nowhere. For Toby, the FIFO mining life is not a life on hold. Instead, it's life in hilarious overdrive. The only thing that got him through was a morning rum and coffee. Followed by several more throughout the day. It's all going a lot better now for Xavier Toby, especially after having experienced the humorous FIFO mining encounters in this delightful book.

Publication Date: 12/31/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742585529

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