Yira Boornak Nyininy

By Hazel Brown, Kim Scott, Roma Winmar, Wirlomin Noongar Language And Stories Project

Contributions by: Anthony (Troy) Roberts

Noongar maam, yok, moyer nyinelangayny bardlanginy wadjela kookondjari-ang. / A woman, and a man, and his nephew were shepherding sheep. Presented bilingually in English and Aboriginal Noongar language text, Yira Boornak Nyininy is an Indigenous Australian story about forgiveness and friendship. Left stranded in a tree by his wife, a Noongar man has to rely on his Wadjela friend to help him back down. *** Yira Boornak Nyininy came from the wise and ancient language of the First People of the Western Australian south coast - the Noongar people. Inspired by a story told to the American linguist Gerhardt Laves around 1931, Yira Boornak Nyininy has been workshopped in a series of community meetings as a part of the "Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project" to revitalize an endangered language. This story is written in old Noongar, along with a literal English translation, as well as English prose styled by Kim Scott.

36 pages

Publication Date: 9/16/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742585123