Dwoort Baal Kaat

By Kim Scott, Russell Nelly, Wirlomin Noongar Language And Stories Project

Contributions by: Helen (Ing) Hall

Koora, Noongar keny dwoort boolarang. Baalang Ngoonang dwoort. Baal djerabiny dwoortang daatjak ngardanginy. / One day a long time ago, one of our people went hunting. He had his own as well as his brother's dogs and he thought with so much help he'd easily catch a lot of tucker. / A man goes hunting for some tucker with a pack of dogs, but he doesn't get what he expected.... Presented bilingually in English and Aboriginal Noongar language text, Dwoort Baal Kaat is an Indigenous Australian story of how two different animals are related to one another. *** Dwoort Baal Kaat came from the wise and ancient language of the First People of the Western Australian south coast - the Noongar people. Inspired by a story told to the American linguist Gerhardt Laves around 1931, Dwoort Baal Kaat has been workshopped in a series of community meetings as a part of the "Wirlomin Noongar Language and Stories Project" to revitalize an endangered language. This story is written in old Noongar, along with a literal English translation, as well as English prose styled by Kim Scott.

36 pages

Publication Date: 9/16/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742585116