Six Different Windows

By Paul Hetherington

Ranging across art and poetry, the past and the present, homelands and far-off lands, Six Different Windows meditates on childhood, riffs on mythology, and draws on the familiar. Paul Hetherington's new collection of poetry chronicles life in all its beauty, strangeness, and mundanity. *** "Everything in Six Different Windows, Paul Hetherington's gorgeous new collection, is immaculately constructed, each line, each poem, and the book as a whole coming perfectly together toward their ends. Beginning in the world of childhood - here, brutal, the adults mostly absent - and moving into an adulthood launched by travel and illuminated by art, the collection finally comes full circle, bringing the poet and his eye back to where they began. In this return, we find an Australia rendered by experience and exposure worthy of excavation, of an attention that gives rise to an elegant, sure-footed, homegrown art." -- Katharine Coles, Utah State Poet Laureate 2006-2012

112 pages

Publication Date: 7/15/2013
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742585086