The Story of Bali Bombing Survivor Phil Britten

By Phil Britten, Rebecca Britten, Malcolm Quekett

If I can inspire more people to be better human beings, to reach more goals, to treasure their loved ones more, then I will have achieved something real and powerful and positive. And maybe that's why I survived. - Phil Britten *** Phil Britten, a 22-year-old captain of the Kingsley Football Club and an Australian Football League hopeful, was on holiday in Bali with his teammates when terrorists bombed the Sari Club on October 12, 2002. Although he escaped, Phil's injuries were life-threatening, with burns to 60% of his body. Grateful to be alive, Phil began tough physical rehabilitation and, through sheer determination, returned to football just six months later. But, the battle was far from over. Fighting depression and the obstacles of his injuries, Phil entered a dark period. Now, ten years on, he is a professional martial artist, successful business owner, and married with two young sons. Told in his own words in this memoir, with contributions from his mother, his rescuers, and his burns physician, Phil's journey of recovery reveals an extraordinary attitude and a life worth living.

228 pages

Publication Date: 10/15/2012
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742584560

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