On Rabbits, Morality, Etc.

Selected Writings of Walter Murdoch

By Walter Murdoch

Edited by: Imre Salusinszky

Contributions by: Rupert Murdoch

Walter Murdoch, a popular broadcaster and public speaker, was one of Australia's bestselling 20th-century authors. Murdoch published weekly essays in The Argus and other newspapers from the 1930s to the 1950s, and his books sold tens of thousands of copies. Like all great essayists, Murdoch was able to educate by entertaining, drawing unexpected and often quirky links between previously unconnected subjects. On Rabbits, Morality, Etc. is an amusing and insightful collection, and a valuable contribution to Australia's literary and cultural history. With a Foreword by Rupert Murdoch, this selected volume of Walter Murdoch's writings covers the essay - his best-known form - as well as his biographical and other critical writings. According to editor Imre Salusinszky, in an age where the advent of the blog has enabled contemporary essayists to find growing audiences, Murdoch's sketches remain a model of the potential of the essay to illuminate and delight. Having been out of print for many years, On Rabbits, Morality, Etc. restores Murdoch's wonderful work for a new generation of readers.

320 pages

Publication Date: 5/15/2011
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742582757

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