The Lure of Politics

Geoff Gallop's Government 2001-2006

By Lesley Van Schoubroeck

Geoff Gallop was elected as the premier of Western Australia after eight years of conservative rule, during which the reputation of previous Labor administrations had been damaged in the findings of the Western Australia Inc. Royal Commission. Gallop needed to establish his government's credibility against a backdrop of high expectations in the community, political, and public sectors. Author Lesley Van Schoubroeck, who worked in Gallop's department while he was premier, analyzes the moves Gallop made, the opportunities he had, and the changes he implemented. Van Schoubroeck showcases a premier who was keen to make changes and who was frustrated by the need to compromise. Gallop instituted the State's first attempt at a strategic plan across the public sector. He championed increased participation of the community in policy development, and he strengthened the capacity of his department to coordinate across several policy areas. The Lure of Politics examines the pivotal moments during Gallop's five years as premier, drawing on interviews with key people during the Gallop government, as well as documents published by the administration.

309 pages

Publication Date: 9/15/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742580692

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