Addressing Culture and the Arts

By Robyn Archer

Robyn Archer is an Australian singer, writer, director, artistic director, and public advocate of the arts. Her public addresses about art, culture, politics, and life are always rapturously received and deemed inspirational to those who hear them. Due to significant demand, UWA Publishing has gathered together a selection of Robyn's most memorable keynote speeches and memorial lectures from the past seven years. These words were written to be 'performed' and, as such, Robyn regards them as Detritus, that which remains of the act of public speaking. Grappling with the matters of how artists live and work, and what we do with this work in the wider cultural sphere, this collection of Robyn's speeches is designed to entertain and provoke.

288 pages

Publication Date: 6/9/2010
Format: Paper
ISBN: 9781742580678