Innovation in Outer Space

International and African Legal Perspective

Edited by: Mahulena Hofmann, P.J. Blount

Progress in exploration and exploitation of outer space is proceeding rapidly, resulting in new space telecommunication services, innovative use of the constellation of satellite and new methods of prolonging the life of those satellites. In response, this book offers an analysis of outer space activities and the resulting legal implications. It offers a dual perspective. Firstly it looks at developments in international law, such as the regulation of non-GEO constellations, on-orbit services and in the field of space mining. Secondly, the book explores the developments on the African continent. Specifically it examines the growing need of space services in the area of mobile communications via satellites, internet access, Earth observations, disaster management, and navigation. This is an important contribution to one of the most exciting and fast moving fields in law today. [Subject: Information Technology Law]

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Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509923236