The Law of Contract Damages

Second Edition

By Adam Kramer

Written by Adam Kramer, a commercial barrister and academic, the second edition of the acclaimed The Law of Contract Damages is the most comprehensive and detailed treatment available of this important dispute resolution area. The first edition is regularly cited in the courts and academic literature, and this new edition has been substantially updated to take account of over 150 recent decisions. To aid understanding and practicality of use, the book is arranged by the type of complaint, such as the mis-provision of services, the non-payment of money, or the temporary loss of use of property. It also includes sections on causation, remoteness, and other general principles. Cases from all relevant contractual fields are gathered together here, including those considered in general works (construction, sale of goods, charter parties, professional services) and those less frequently covered (SPAs, insurance, and landlord and tenant). Tort decisions are referenced where relevant, including full coverage of professional negligence damages, and detailed explanations of many practically important but often neglected areas, such as damages for lost management time and the proof of lost profits, are given. This book will provide an authoritative and insightful analysis of damages for breach of contract. It will be an essential resource for practitioners and scholars in commercial law and other contractual fields. [Subject: Contract Law, Tort Law, Company Law, Commercial Law]

Publication Date: 11/16/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509915842