Reconstructing European Copyright Law for the Digital Single Market

Between Old Paradigms and Digital Challenges

By Bernd Justin Juette

'Reconstructing European Copyright Law for the Digital Single Market' critically examines the current process of reforming the copyright system in the European Union. On the basis of core elements of the harmonised copyright acquis, this work exposes the shortcomings of current reform proposals with a view to establishing a digital single market. In this regard, the existing directives and regulations that lack fundamental principles that could serve as a basis for a systematically structured European copyright are highlighted, and that the current reform proposals do not reflect such an approach. These deficits are addressed by fundamental approaches for an EU copyright reform. For this purpose, three legislative options are discussed. The work takes a clear position in the current debate of EU copyright reform and offers starting points from which a more systematic and coherent copyright system can be developed. Revised dissertation. (Series: Luxembourg Legal Studies / Luxemburger Juristische Studien, Vol. 10) [Subject: Data Protection, Copyright Law, Patent Law, EU Law]

Publication Date: 9/7/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509914791

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