Environmental Crime in Europe

Edited by: Andrew Farmer, Michael Faure, Grazia Maria Vagliasindi

The aim of this important new collection is to explore how environmental crime and environmental criminal law are controlled within the European Union and its member states. It will examine the legal framework, looking at both Directive 2008/9 and Directive 2003/123 and the specific competences of the EU in this domain. In addition, it will provide a more detailed analysis of environmental criminal law in seven Member States, focusing inter alia on the basic legislation, the way in which environmental pollution is criminalized, and the main actors in place to enforce environmental crime. In so doing, this book provides a much needed explanation of the evolution and implementation of environmental criminal law in Europe at a general level, and how this is implemented in specific selected member states. (Series: Modern Studies in European Law, Vol. 82) [Subject: Criminal Law, Energy & Environmental Law, European Law, EU Law]

Publication Date: 12/14/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509914012

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