International Compliance

Legal Requirements of Business Organisation in over 30 Countries

By Konstantin von Busekist

Compliance violations by and within businesses have now assumed international proportions. At the same time, the responsibility of both local and corporate management to prevent compliance violations has increased all over the world. Within this context, this book provides an international review of effective compliance regulations. Lawmakers in the applicable economic areas are increasingly regulating the legal frameworks of business operations in areas such as corruption, antitrust law, data protection, money laundering, foreign trade law or customs in a stricter way, with more severe legal consequences, and imposing more barriers on international operations.With respect to over 30 jurisdictions, international experts answer important questions such as: What are the liabilities of a business, manager or shareholder in a given country and how can they defend themselves? What are the major areas of law and threats they should take account of and how are they enforced? In addition, our experts provide useful tips for foreign shareholders and compliance or legal departments regarding the issues they should pay special attention to. [Subject: Company and Insolvency Law]

Publication Date: 7/14/2016
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509908417

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