Challenges in the Field of Economic and Financial Crime in Europe and the US

Edited by: Vanessa Franssen, Katalin Ligeti

In the past few years, criminal justice systems have faced important global challenges in the field of economic and financial crime. The 2008 financial crisis revealed how strongly financial markets and economies are interconnected; it illustrated that misconduct in the economic and financial sectors is often of a systemic nature, with wide-spread consequences for a large number of victims. Continuous technological evolutions and socio-economic developments make the distinction between socially desirable and undesirable behaviour more problematic, with economic and financial misconduct notoriously difficult to detect and investigate. In light of these challenges, legislators and law enforcement have searched for adequate responses to combat economic and financial crime by adapting existing policies, norms and practices, and by creating new enforcement mechanisms. The purpose of this volume is to analyze those challenges in the field of economic and financial crime from different perspectives, and to examine which particular solutions criminal justice systems across Europe give to those challenges. The first section focuses on a number of key questions with respect to substantive criminal law, whereas the second section addresses issues affecting the administration of justice and criminal procedure. Section three then explores particular challenges concerning multi-agency cooperation and multi-disciplinary investigations. Finally, chapter four will concentrate on issues regarding shared or integrated enforcement models. (Series: Hart Studies in European Criminal Law, Vol. 2) [Subject: European Law, Criminal Law, Financial Law]

Publication Date: 2/23/2017
Format: Cloth
ISBN: 9781509908035