New Perspectives on Land Registration

Contemporary Problems and Solutions

Edited by: Martin Dixon, Amy Goymour, Stephen Watterson

The Land Registration Act 2002 (LRA 2002) has been in force for almost 12 years. When enacted, the legislation, which replaced the LRA 1925, was intended to offer a clear and lasting framework for the registration of title to land in England and Wales. However, confounding the hopes of its drafters, the legislation's interpretation and application has generated many unanticipated problems which require urgent attention. The extent of these problems is strikingly demonstrated by burgeoning litigation around the LRA 2002, often involving some of the knottiest issues in land law, with major financial implications turning on the outcome. This book exposes both theoretical and policy debates, and more concrete, technical controversies within the law of land registration. Wherever possible, it will also offer appropriate solutions and/or proposals for reform.

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ISBN: 9781509906031

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